Best Honeymoon Destinations in November 2016

Why You Should Plan Your Croatia Wedding in November

November presents a time of the year when Croatia remains one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. With it’s ancient walled towns and sapphire waters, you will not regret having your wedding or honeymoon in Croatia. Feel free to move around the country visiting different cities such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Porec and Pula to mention a few.

If you prefer staying in a luxury hotel, it would be good to limit your options to the facilities found in cities such as Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The first day of November is the All Saints Day, which is also a bank holiday. For a unique experience, ask your better half for the opportunity to visit one of the local cemeteries, which are often under the complete cover of flowers and candles at this time of the year, thus presenting an awesome sight.

November is also the month for some amazing festivals in Croatia. Consequently, be ready to take the love of your life to festivals such as Feast of St Martin, which takes place on November 1, and the Festival of Animated Film. During the Feast of St. Martin, the consumption of wine is the main event or form of celebration. As for the preferred food during this occasion, expect to sample plenty of goose, which the locals love slaughtering and cooking while fresh.

If you want to travel from one city to the next in Croatia, it would be great to do so in buses, which are not only efficient, but also cheap. On the other hand, trains offer a much slower but more comfortable means of traveling from one city to the next. If you want to travel from one island to the next in the country, choose the efficient and comfortable ferries. Each city that you travel to in the country has amazing attractions as shown below:

a) The Cathedral
b) Croatian Museum of Natural History
c) Saint Marc’s Church
d) Arts Pavilion
e) Mimara Museum
f) Beautiful mausoleums found at Mirogoj Cemetery

On the other hand, Dubrovnik will surprise you with it’s walls. A bit of a stroll in the Placa in Dubrovnik will seduce and make you fall in love with the country. To learn more about the local people, take a tour of the Franciscan Monastery museum. The St. Blaise Church offers an excellent opportunity to admire one of the landmarks of the city. Travel to Lokum Island by ferry just after the wedding to embark on a remarkable honeymoon.

An all-inclusive package enables you to visit many parts of the country. In fact, a search for the best honeymoon destination for couples should take you to either Zagreb or Dubrovnik. For the most popular romantic destination to visit, keep your options open between Zagreb and Dubrovnik although Split will not cause any disappointment. Try different ideas while in any of these cities, which are full of luxury accommodation that you can find in any hotel or resort.

Feel free to plan your wedding in any church around Croatia. More importantly, there is no need for worrying about the marriage license, as the minister will hand you the documentation that proves you are legally married immediately after the wedding. Croatia has not lost any of it’s famed historic charm despite going through a huge civil war in the 1990s. For these reasons, do not forget to visit Croatia in November 2016 or 2017 depending on the year you plan to wed.

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