Best Honeymoon Destinations in July 2016

What makes Zambia Attractive to Travel to for a Honeymoon in July?

July represents the start of the high season in Zambia, thus the best time to visit the country after your wedding. If choosing the best honeymoon destination for couples has given you enough headaches, then you should limit your options to Zambia. The country is home to some exciting attractions such as the Zambezi River, world famous Victoria Falls, African walking safari, raw wilderness and abundant wildlife without mentioning the friendly nature of her people.

If you have never been convinced about traveling to Zambia for an amazing vacation, then consider the following attractions that the country has to offer:

- Adrenaline adventures that include bungee jumping, abseiling, elephant trails, flights over the Victoria Falls, gorge swinging, horse trails, lion walks, river boarding, river rafting and walk with cheetahs

- Waterfalls that include a tour of some of the major waterfalls such as Victoria Falls, Ngonye Falls, Lumangwe Falls, Kundalila Falls and Kalambo Falls in addition to plenty of minor waterfalls located in various parts of the country

- Rich culture of the more than 72 ethnic groups comprising the population of around 15 million people in the country. Bantu-speaking people make up the largest group

- Scenic wonders where 30 percent of the total area of Zambia is reserved for wildlife, the country boasts of 34 game management locations as well as 20 national parks, which are under the management of Zambia Wildlife Authority or ZAWA

- Lakes and rivers include Lake Bangweulu, Lake Kariba, Lake Mweru and Lake Tanganyika while Zambezi River is the fourth-biggest in Africa

- Wilderness safaris that include birding safaris, canoeing safaris, guided safaris, mobile walking safaris, photographic safaris and walking safaris

Consequently, whether you are in Zambia for a honeymoon or wedding, there will be little trouble in selecting the best honeymoon destination for couples. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice where romantic destinations to visit in 2016 or 2017 is concerned, particularly if Zambia is your choice. The private island of Sindabezi along Zambezi River is a wonderful place to visit with your newlywed.

An all-inclusive package is the best for sampling as much of Zambia as you want. If staying at a luxury hotel or resort is out of the question for you, consider cheap alternatives that ensure you do not exceed your budget. More importantly, think of the many attractions that you will find in Zambia other than the top facilities that provide excellent accommodation. If you need more convincing to choose Zambia, consider the following reasons:

a) Less vegetation in July enhances game viewing
b) Clear skies from absence of rain means less mosquitoes to worry about
c) Victoria Falls is the most crowded
d) All the other national parks are less crowded
e) The mid-to-low waters of Victoria Falls makes July the best time to visit

For these reasons, you should never hesitate to visit Zambia for your wedding( gay or lesbian ) or for your honeymoon. The naturally beautiful country will provide you with pleasant memories to last you a lifetime. Livingstone and Chipata are just but two of the towns that you should consider visiting while in Zambia. Livingstone is perfect for honeymoons since it has the biggest collection of facilities that provide luxury accommodation. Therefore, you will never go wrong by choosing to visit Zambia for any kind of vacation, especially in July.

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