Best Honeymoon Destinations in October 2016

How Traveling to Jamaica in October will enhance your Romantic Vacation

Jamaica is an island nation found in the Caribbean. It’s inhabitants refer to the island as the Rock. Some call it the Jamdown and others have given it the nickname of Jamrock. For all the wonderful slang names that residents have for this country, what is not in doubt is the fact that Jamaica is an amazing destination to visit in October 2016 or 2017. Some of the amazing honeymoon attractions that you will find in Jamaica include the following:

 Hope Botanical Gardens
 Glistening Waters
 Dunn’s River Falls
 Mystic Mountain
 Ocho Rios
 Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Jamaica is perfect location for the most memorable and unique honeymoon experience. The tropical paradise of Jamaica is a wonderful place for your wedding. With it’s numerous dreamy beaches as well as warm waves and plenty of sunset, you will not regret the decision to have a romantic wedding in Jamaica. In Jamaica, newlyweds and honeymooners enjoy their privacy. Any hotel or resort that you choose will be ready to present you with the best experience.

What is more, Jamaica offers you the chance to come up with the most creative ideas for your honeymoon. The friendly and easy-going nature of Jamaicans means that you will receive assistance when in need of it while having the time of your life with a spouse. Within 24 hours of arriving in Jamaica, you can get married and receive a copy of your marriage license, but only if you made a prior application and notified the relevant authorities early enough.

Whether you love being active or relaxing, you will find plenty of options from which to choose. In this regard, going on an adventure excursion or relaxing at the beach should be two of the options that you choose. Alternatively, feel free to indulge in a bit of golfing. Jamaica does not disappoint where nightlife is concerned. As for shopping and tours, expect to find the best in Jamaica to learn more about the people and culture that promotes reggae more than any other does.

Jamaica is not only home to the most popular romantic destinations to visit, but also home to the best honeymoon destination for couples. An all-inclusive package will enable you to tour several parts of the country including the legendary Kingston, which is not only the capital city, but also the largest of all cities in Jamaica. Here, you should also look forward to a country that contains the most attractive and magical tropical Caribbean landscapes.
If you want luxury accommodation, Jamaica has more than enough options to choose. If you operate under tight budget thus in need of cheap accommodation, Jamaica will not disappoint you in any way. The Milk River Spa contains some therapeutic waters that should appeal to you and your loved one when on honeymoon. In Ocho Rios, spend some time watching dolphins in the company of the love of your life with whom you just had an amazing wedding.

If you do not want to stay in a hotel or resort while enjoying your honeymoon vacation in Jamaica, choose from the many guesthouses, apartments and villas in various parts of the country for accommodation. Other places you should consider visiting instead of spending the entire vacation in Kingston include Montego Bay, Negril, Port Antonio and the South Coast to mention but a few.

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