Best Honeymoon Destinations in January 2016

Tropical home

January is the best time to embark on a romantic vacation to Dominican Republic. The hot weather is bearable thanks mainly to the predominant humidity. The attractiveness of the country is also due to the typical tropical climate that the country enjoys at the beginning of the year. Typically, the temperatures in this part of the world are between 20oC and 30oC. January and February represents the two months that boast of lowest temperatures. The temperatures are the highest in August. Dominican republic is the the perfect destinations for couples lesbian and gay included.

Dominican Republic is full of places to visit and things to do, whether you’re on honeymoon or merely in search of the top destinations. Warm weather is a feature of this country throughout the year. When in need of traveling to one of the most inexpensive destinations around the world, let you search begin and end with Dominican Republic. Before embarking on the journey to Dominican Republic, it would be great to consider the following seasons that are specific to some months of the year:

- January to April represents the high season
- May to August represents the low season
- September to December represents the shoulder season

June to November would be a bad time to visit Punta Cana in Dominican Republic primarily because this represents the time of the year when the country suffers the effects of the hurricane season around the Atlantic. This time of the year would be bad to travel to Punta Cana, which is renowned for severe tropical storms that it faces. Consequently, you should never plan to visit the best honeymoon destination for couples in Punta Cana anytime between June and November as the horrible weather will give birth to a terrible experience.
Visiting Punta Cana has several benefits including:

a) It’s the third best ranked location where affordable Caribbean destinations are concerned
b) It’s ranked sixth in the list of the best golf vacations
c) It is ranked seventh in the list of the best Caribbean beaches

Moreover, Punta Cana appeals to different types of people. For example, the amazing golf courses found here make it the most attractive destination in Dominican Republic for golfers. The pure golden beaches around Punta Cana would provide a welcome sight when in need of spending some time at the beaches to get that much-desired tan. The Manati Park is home to some exotic wildlife, thus worth a visit as well. If you have always desired to visit a Caribbean island, then include a trip to Dolphin Island in your itinerary.
The affordability of the different traveling packages to Dominican Republic is one of the main reasons the country has remained a top tourist attraction around the world. The country is full of top attractions in the following regions:

 La Romana
 Punta Cana
 Samana
 Puerto Plata

Santo Domingo is not only the capital of Dominican Republic, but also its cultural jewel as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently, a trip to the Dominican Republic should always include a visit to the capital of this awe-inspiring country. Recreational activities are aplenty in the country mainly because of the huge diversity in ecosystems. Therefore, be ready to engage in white water rafting in the mountains, hike and bike along the rugged alpine terrain as well as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, kite boarding, sailing and surfing along the coast.

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