Best Honeymoon Destinations in March 2016

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Why You Cannot Resist the Magic of Bahamas in March

Bahamas is a great place to visit for your honeymoon or simply as part of a romantic vacation that you want to embark on with the wife. In fact, you can travel to Bahamas any time of the year. This is because of the favorable weather throughout the year. During the cold months of winter, the temperatures around Bahamas will rarely fall below 60 degrees. If you do not like crowds, then it might be good to visit the country between May and November 2016, which also presents the time when the best hotel deals are in plenty.

The period between March to April presents a time when the spring season is on, as short as the season might be. However, the fact that this time of the year represents a period when beach parties are plenty and the Bahamian music is as loud as it can ever get, you’ll have a tough time trying to resist the allure of this great Caribbean island. From time to time, the hotel you stay in will host one or two events, thus spicing up your entire time in Bahamas and allowing you to learn more about the local culture.

Bahamas is attractive in March 2017 or any other month in the year for the following reasons:

a) Ranked the third-best family vacation spot in Caribbean
b) Ranked the fourth-best for winter family vacations
c) Ranked the fifth-best for spring break destination
d) Ranked 10th in the list of the best honeymoon destination for couples

In fact, Bahamas is not short of things to do while on vacation. Some of the most popular activities and places to visit in the country include the following:

- Beaches
- Boating
- Diving
- Ecotourism
- Family fun
- Fishing
- Honeymoon
- Private flying
- Sightseeing
- Shopping

With more research and plenty of patience, you’ll have no trouble finding the best resort deals. The resorts remain one of the most popular establishments among visitors in Bahamas because of the romantic getaways that they provide. These getaways include anniversaries, elopements, engagements and vow renewals. Couples, whether married or dating have no shortage of activities that they can do together to reignite the fire. Some of the romantic activities that couples can do while enjoying their honeymoon in Bahamas include the following:

 Shopping for all manner of handmade crafts
 Relaxing on secluded beaches
 Exploring underwater caves
 Swimming with the dolphins
 Sampling a few Bahamian rum punches

March represents the best time for visiting Bahamas for various reasons. It’s worth remembering that March officially falls outside the dreaded hurricane season that affects the Caribbean region, especially the area around Bahamas, between June and November. You do not want to travel to the country when the hurricane season is in full gear, as you’ll have little time to think romantic ideas. When the hurricane season is on, you should be worrying only about getting out of Bahamas alive with your spouse.

Finally, although the all-inclusive package a top hotel or luxury resort in Bahamas doesn’t come cheap, you can find some budget deals at other establishments. You should have no hesitation about planning your wedding in Bahamas, as the country is full of ministers who will help you get the all-important marriage license. Therefore, visit Bahamas and learn as much as you can about the different romantic things you can do with your lover while in this magical and tantalizing country.

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