Adventure Honeymoons in Africa


The vast continent of Africa is home to no less than 54 fascinating sovereign states spanning everything from desert lands and primeval rainforests to island archipelagos and coastal regions. Luxury honeymoon holiday destinations here are found in the many safari resorts, along the stunning coastlines and in the buzzing cities.

Flight connections to countries offering luxury honeymoon packages are straightforward, whether you’re heading for safari- and eco-tourism-oriented states or North Africa’s sun, sea, sand and history holiday spots. Whether you’re gazing at the pyramids in Egypt, exploring Cape Town’s markets or wondering at Botswana’s wildlife, you’ll love every minute.

Things To Be Done While on Africa HoneyMoon

One of the most romantic experiences anywhere in the world is a candlelit evening meal in a luxury safari camp. Natural wonders include Victoria Falls, the massive Rift Valley, volcanoes, lava lakes and numerous national parks, and beach holidays offer every water sport. The ancient wonders of Egypt and Ethiopia are must-sees.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Africa’s luxury hotels offer the best venues and services for the perfect honeymoon package. Styles of accommodation range from wilderness resorts to ultra-modern high-rise or boutique, and safari packages combine upscale living with superb, unspoilt natural beauty and glimpses of Africa’s unique wildlife, stunning flora and fascinating indigenous peoples.

Best time(s) to visit Africa

Africa’s weather can be as wild as the continent itself, varying from sub-tropical through sub-arctic in the mountains to arid in the desert regions. Dry and rainy seasons vary across the continent, with the dry seasons the best times to visit.
The hot seasons are truly hot and best avoided, but early in the rainy seasons the savannahs burst into intense green and the wildlife heads for the lakes.


Kenya has it all, the coast, the wildlife and the weather, making it the perfect holiday destination. Although it’s currently recommended not to travel anywhere near the border of Somalia, there is plenty to see and do elsewhere. With so much interesting culture and a tropical climate, Kenya, in east Africa, is fast becoming one


Zambia has a lot to offer those looking to holiday here, with some of the best wildlife parks, numerous stunning rivers and the famous Victoria Falls waterfall. Zambia, in the south of Africa, is considerably less developed than other countries in the area, but the stunning scenery and plentiful wildlife make it an amazing honeymoon