Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations To Visit

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The Caribbean island archipelagos are rightly considered some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world for their laid-back lifestyles, glorious sunsets and white sand beaches. Perhaps the best-known are the Bahamas and Jamaica, with Puerto Rico and Cuba quirky alternatives. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure of a luxury honeymoon package you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Most of the islands can be reached by air from the majority of European air hubs or by boat from the US coastline. All offer perfect holiday experiences in picture-perfect places complete with diverse things to do and see. For a low-key, romantic holiday, Eleuthera in the Bahamas is magic, and Jamaica is famed for its rum and Bob Marley music.

Romantic Activities Places For Caribbean honeymooners

The epitome of romance is a leisurely boat trip around the islands, taking time off to swim in tiny bays, feast on lobster and other seafood in a beachside shack, and dance until dawn on the sands. For a luxury stay, the Cayman Islands offer the best of everything, and northernmost Bermuda gives the best of British complete with year-round sunshine.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Upscale Caribbean resorts give new meaning to luxury, catering for every holiday need with friendliness and first-class service. Accommodation in the islands is varied, with packages often including water sports, diving and treks through unspoilt interiors. Trinidad’s more remote, smaller resorts boast idyllic beaches close by bird sanctuaries and protected areas with indigenous wildlife.

Best time(s) to visit Caribbean Accommodations

Year-round tropical weather is what the Caribbean is all about, with summer highs of around 35°C and rain mostly falling between August and December. The region is within the Atlantic hurricane belt, with most storms hitting between June and November, and occasionally causing major damage. Barbados and Trinidad escape most of the storms due to their locations.


Antigua is a tropical holiday destination in the northeast Caribbean known for beaches. This volcanic island has some of the best luxury resorts offering vacation packages perfect for couples on honeymoon. Apart from the beaches, the easy way of life of the locals is sure to attract any holidaymaker visiting the island. The only city


Popular with holiday makers, cruise tourists and couples on their honeymoon, Aruba is a southern Caribbean island located just 24kms off the northern coast of Venezuela. This autonomous Dutch dependency forms part of the Dutch Antilles and is known to possess some of the best beaches in the region. Palm Beach is perhaps the most


Boasting an outstanding 700 islands and over 2,000 cays, the Bahamas is a luxury holiday honeymoon paradise. Not only is it possible to spend days in the sun along idyllic beaches, but just about every water sport imaginable is possible here. There is even an intriguing history of pirates and smugglers to be discovered. New


The luxury holiday destination of Barbados could not be any more postcard perfect, with its white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is located northeast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean. Tourists who find the will to tear themselves away from the country’s best luxury beaches will discover a rich British colonial history and

British Virgin Islands

The overseas UK territory of the British Virgin Islands is composed of 50 beautiful tropical islands in the Atlantic very popular with holiday makers. The verdant forests, coral reefs, shipwrecks and stunning coastline are some of the reason sailing enthusiasts and tourists on their honeymoon come here for a holiday, despite the relatively high rates.

Dominican Republic

Occupying two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is a popular holiday destination because of its lush mountains, national parks, beautiful shores, luxury resorts and a historic capital listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. With some of the best outdoors in the region, the country is especially popular for those looking


Jamaica is a holiday destination within the British Commonwealth located south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. Jamaica is the third-largest island in the region and is best known for its easy going island life and the colourful Rastafari movement, along with some of the most beautiful tropical landscapes in the Caribbean.


Grenada is group of islands popular with holiday makers and couples on their honeymoon. It is very famous for its delicious spice-rich cuisine, hence its moniker ‘Spice Island’. Grenada’s interior is largely mountainous and volcanic. The coast has white sand beaches and mangrove forests. The old forts of Grenada, such as Fort George and Fort

St Lucia

Boasting some of the best honeymoon luxury holiday packages in the Caribbean, St Lucia is an eastern Caribbean island nation with lush forested mountains, heritage parks, volcanic islands, sulphur springs and beautiful beaches. There are a ton of holiday activities on offer in St Lucia so couples will never run out of things to do.


Cuba is an island nation becoming famous for holiday packages and all-inclusive luxury resorts as well as a rich culture, the best cigars in the world, colonial buildings, national parks and the home of revolutionary Che Guevara. The country has a population of over 11 million and is thus the most populous one in the

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, are the perfect holiday destination. This group of three islands located in the West Indies boasts clear waters, outstanding coral reefs and stunning beaches. Many luxury resorts have sprung up in the Cayman Islands providing honeymoon packages, and despite its notoriety as a tax haven, the island group

St Barts

St Barts (or St Barthélemy in French), a French island in the Caribbean, is the perfect place to go for a luxury holiday. There are pristine beaches, numerous gourmet restaurants and great shopping. St Barts is also the ideal honeymoon destination as its small harbour means it isn’t inundated with visitors, so those who do