Cuba Honeymoon Destination guide & Tourist Attractions

Havana, Cuba - on June, 7th. capital building of Cuba, 7th 2011.

Cuba is an island nation becoming famous for holiday packages and all-inclusive luxury resorts as well as a rich culture, the best cigars in the world, colonial buildings, national parks and the home of revolutionary Che Guevara. The country has a population of over 11 million and is thus the most populous one in the Caribbean.

For a sample of Cuban life, it does not get any better than the capital Havana, with its old-world charm. The city has a number of tourist attractions such as the Capitol Building and the historic Hotel Habana Libre. The most popular export of Cuba is the cigar and a visit to Pinar del Rio is a must for those wanting to take a peek at the country’s tobacco industry. The quaint colonial buildings of Trinidad are also must-sees.

Activities for Cuba Honeymooner

There are a number of activities for tourists in Cuba, one of which is exploring the many national parks in the country. Viñales is the most developed of these and a visit is highly recommended. Diving is especially popular in Cuba, particularly in Varadero, where rich coral reefs abound.

Cuba Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Cuba is still part of the Caribbean and beach resorts, be it luxury, all-inclusive, mid-range and budget, are abundant in the country. Couples on a honeymoon can find the best holiday packages at Jardines del Rey and Varadero. A night of Cuban music and local cuisine can be had by sampling the exciting night life of Havana.

Best time(s) to visit Sri Lanka

Warm and humid weather prevails most of the year. May to October is the wet season and hurricanes may spoil a honeymoon so travel is not advised at this time. January to April is the best time to holiday here, with temperatures in the mid- to high 20s (˚C) and lower humidity.

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