Dominican Republic : Luxury Honeymoon All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Tropical home

Occupying two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is a popular holiday destination because of its lush mountains, national parks, beautiful shores, luxury resorts and a historic capital listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. With some of the best outdoors in the region, the country is especially popular for those looking for holiday adventure packages.

The capital city of Santo Domingo should be the first stop for tourists on their honeymoon as they are sure to be charmed by the colonial architecture in this heritage city. A worthy stop is the Columbus Lighthouse, said to house the remains of Columbus himself. Eastern Cibao and the Bay of Samaná are areas which offer some of the best beaches and tropical scenery in the country.

Interesting Activities Tourist Attractions Of Dominican Republic

The Bay of Samaná is also the place in the Dominican Republic to do some whale-watching, which happens around January to March. Mountain biking tour packages around the Cordillera Septentrional are some of the adventure activities in the country. For a look into local culture, witnessing a game of the national obsession: baseball is recommended.

The emerging destination of Juan Dolio is now the place to find luxury resort packages in the Dominican Republic, especially good for vacationers on honeymoon. Santo Domingo’s night life is legendary for its merengue and salsa clubs. Dining out and sampling the country’s excellent seafood is especially worthwhile.

Best time(s) to visit Dominican Republic

The climate in the Dominican Republic is tropical maritime, staying warm throughout the year with temperatures of between 28˚C and 31˚C. Therefore, holiday at any time is possible, though it is best to avoid travel from June to October as this is hurricane season.

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