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Kirkjufell glaciers grind in Iceland

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Located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Europe and North America, Iceland is slowly becoming a popular holiday destination for those looking for something ‘off of the beaten path’. Because of its close proximity to the Arctic Circle, the amount of sunlight varies greatly depending on the time of the year. In the month of June, there is nearly 24 hours of sunlight. Conversely, in the month of December it is dark for almost 20 hours.

Reykjavik, in the southwest, is the capital city and the principal destination for most travellers. The city offers some of the best amenities of the country, from luxury restaurants to bars and clubs and shopping. To the north is Akureyri, the largest city in the region.

Honeymoon activities in Iceland

There are a number of romantic activities that a couple celebrating their honeymoon can sample. Horseback riding, whale watching, and visiting any number of the museums and art galleries sprinkled around the country are an ideal way to experience the best that Iceland has to offer.

Hospitality – accommodation, food, entertainment

Honeymoon packages designed to give a couple the most memorable experience are readily available. These packages include luxury resorts with some of the best restaurants in the country, secluded hideaways where couples are treated to spectacular scenery or adventure packages which can include visits to parks, waterfalls, glaciers and other natural delights.

Best time(s) to visit Iceland

The peak holiday season for Iceland is mid-June and it extends through the month of August, when precipitation is at its lowest. Many of the tours and adventure trips to Iceland’s natural attractions end after September. The rains reach their peak from October through February. However, there is still plenty on offer in the spring, autumn and even winter when prices for hotels, airfares and local transportation drop significantly.

In spite of Iceland’s location, temperatures in the south are cool in the summer (10-13˚C) and surprisingly mild in the winter (averages of 0˚C) due the influence of the Gulf Stream. The north is much colder, so a holiday here needs to be planned with the weather in mind.

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