Top Far East Gay Honeymoon Destinations

Railay beach in Krabi Thailand

The Far East, or East Asia as it’s now known, is made up of a number of contrasting countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan and South Korea―all fascinating destinations for a luxury honeymoon. Each country has its own charms, culture, cuisine and attractions, with a holiday package taking in several destinations offering the best of all worlds.

Travel by air across the entire region is easily arranged from Western countries via full-service carriers, and domestic flights within individual countries link major visitor hubs. Historic attractions in Japan and China are must-sees, and Mongolia’s vast steppes are perfect for an eco-holiday. Hong Kong is Asia’s world city and boasts tropical islands and great beaches as well as modern treats among its high-rise skyscrapers.

Interesting Activities & Most popular Places to Visit in Far East

Romantic honeymoon packages taking in iconic places such as historic Kyoto, China’s natural and cultural beauties such as Yunnan province, the Silk Road and even mysterious Tibet and its Himalayan peaks ensure an unforgettable experience. Staying in a Mongolian yurt in a nomadic tribal village as a unique part of your trip gives memories that last a lifetime.

Hospitality – accommodation, food, entertainment

East Asia’s major destinations give the best choice of luxury hotels and resorts, offering great service along with upscale facilities such as spas, fitness rooms and excellent restaurants. Smaller, but no less luxurious, boutique hotels offer privacy with all the comforts and are perfect for a romantic stay, while beachside resorts typically come equipped with water sports and sailing facilities.

Best time(s) to visit Far East Accommodations

Temperatures across this vast region vary from freezing in the winter in Mongolia, Tibet, Northern China, Korea and Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido through to the year-round tropical heat of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the scorching summers of Beijing and Southern China. Japan and Hong Kong have defined typhoon seasons in early autumn and are best avoided at this time.


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Hong Kong

When considering a romantic holiday destination, Hong Kong may not immediately come to the minds of most couples; however, there are numerous luxury and romantic packages for two people looking to celebrate their honeymoon or any other special occasion. Best known for its bright lights and extensive shopping, Hong Kong has much more to offer.


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