Honeymoon Hotspots In Indian Ocean


Bounded on the west by Africa, in the north by the Middle East and India, and in the east by Australasia, the Indian Ocean, its coastlines and its idyllic offshore islands make for some of the best luxury honeymoon destinations in the world. The Seychelles, the Maldives, Mauritius, the Indonesian archipelago and India’s western Goa state are all perfect locations for a beachside holiday package including guaranteed sunshine and swimming in warm, azure waters.

Air access to the island paradise spots dotted around the vast ocean and the mainland coastal resorts is either by direct flight to an international air hub such as Mumbai or an airport in the Maldives or Seychelles, or by domestic transfer to more remote islands. Expect pristine beaches, the best in accommodation and water sports of every kind.

Activities and Attractions In Indian Ocean

The Seychelles archipelago, with its established tourism facilities and remote, unspoilt islands, is a perfect honeymoon destination, and the upscale coral atolls of the Maldives offer dining and snorkelling at their best. Mauritius is yet another Indian Ocean tropical paradise with a fascinating number of colonial sites and former slave estates, as well as a dramatic interior and seemingly endless white sand beaches. Goa, once the quintessential hippy hangout, is now catering for upscale travellers.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Accommodation in favourite Indian Ocean locations ranges from five-star luxury hotels to beach villas and exclusive spa resorts set on private bays overlooking the warm ocean. A holiday here is a special experience, with friendly service, upscale amenities and a choice of restaurants as standard. Honeymoon packages are offered by many hotels across the wide choice of Indian Ocean destinations.

Best time(s) to visit Indian Ocean Accommodations

The Indian Ocean, the world’s warmest ocean, influences the climate of the surrounding land masses and their offshore archipelagos. A monsoon climate prevails north of the equator, with May through October generally wet, and the Southern Hemisphere region seeing strong summer storms. Overall, the climate hovers between hot and hot and humid, with refreshing sea breezes cooling the evening air.


The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean and is one of the finest holiday destinations in the world. In terms of an island getaway, there are not too many places that compare, which is why it has remained a top honeymoon destination. Activities and Hotspots of Maldives The Maldives is


Part of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is a remote, multicultural island and is the perfect location for a memorable honeymoon holiday. The island is famed for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, great snorkelling, fantastic deep sea fishing and superb diving. There is more to Mauritius than just beaches and sea, as its interior has some


The Seychelles consists of 115 different islands, many of which are completely uninhabited, and is a prime location for a luxury honeymoon holiday. It is the best spot for relaxing on stunning untouched beaches and is home to the largest coral atoll in the world, Aldabra Atoll. It is also possible to enjoy all water

Sri Lanka

The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka is famous for its long history, hill towns and holiday beach resorts. It makes for a unique honeymoon destination as it features a mixture of culture, history and stunning scenery and offers great packages. It also has many amazing ancient ruins, phenomenal beaches and adventure water sports.