Honeymoon Hotspots In Sri Lanka

deserted tropical beach with boat, Sri lanka

The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka is famous for its long history, hill towns and holiday beach resorts. It makes for a unique honeymoon destination as it features a mixture of culture, history and stunning scenery and offers great packages. It also has many amazing ancient ruins, phenomenal beaches and adventure water sports.

Sri Lanka’s only international airport can be found just outside of Colombo, but most visitors head south to the luxury beach resort of Beruwla. The Southern province is the most popular tourist spot, as it is here where honeymooners will find the stunning low-key beach Unawatuna and the popular seaside fort city of Galle.

Activities And Attraction In Sri Lanka

The island’s North Central province is filled with ancient kingdoms and is a must for history buffs, while nature lovers will enjoy exploring the hill town of Ella. In addition to beach lounging, surfing and water rafting are very popular, and those that want to get close to the wildlife can do so in Yala National Park.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Sri Lankans are very hospitable people, and service in the luxury hotels will be some of the best around. Accommodation is geared towards all travellers from the budget-conscious to the wealthy, with many hotels offering packages that are best for those wanting an all-inclusive holiday. Locals are not big drinkers; however, Lion lager should be tasted while dining on kothu roti (roti bread served with spiced meat, egg and vegetables).

Best time(s) to visit Sri Lanka

Temperatures in Sri Lanka vary depending on where you are, with coastal areas averaging around 28°C and the central hills getting as cold as -5°C. If honeymooning between October and January, head to the southwest of the island, while a holiday from May to July is best spent in the northeast.

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