Top Honeymoon Hotspots In Middle East

Dubai skyline

Set in the northeastern region of Africa and western Asia, the Middle East is a mostly desert land comprising 15 states and stretching from Yemen and Oman in the south to Turkey in the north, Iran to the east and Saudi Arabia to the west. A luxury honeymoon package touring the remote desert oases, interspersed with visits to ancient cities and beachside resorts, makes for the best holiday ever.

Getting in by air to the region’s major cities, including Ankara, Istanbul, Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Dubai, is easy with full-service airlines, although travelling across the vast deserts is best done by car or other motorised transport. The contrast between the ultra-modern, luxury, high-rise cities of Dubai and Riyadh and the iconic, ancient Jerusalem is unbelievable, and romantic nights under the stars in a Bedouin camp are as good as it gets.

Activities And Tourist Attractions

The religious and secular history of the world is here, from Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and Waling Wall through the rose-red Nabataean city of Petra to amazing Istanbul with its east-west melting pot of culture and heritage. For a true desert experience, a guided tour to the weird, atmospheric Empty Quarter gives a glimpse into the mystery of this region.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Luxury holiday accommodation offering all inclusive honeymoon packages can be booked at upscale hotels, resorts and boutique hotels along the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea coastlines, as well as in cosmopolitan cities such as Istanbul and Dubai. All-inclusive beachside resorts give the best possible start to your trip of a lifetime, especially if they’re centrally located for sightseeing.

Best time(s) to visit Middle East Accommodations

The climate across the Middle East is generally exceptionally hot and dry due to its mostly desert topography. The exceptions are its northern states, set in the great steppes above the desert areas. In the south, temperatures rise to above 40°C and fall dramatically at night, while in the north there’s plenty of rainfall and cooler winters predominate.

Abu Dhabi

The largest of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a luxury holiday destination that is perfect for an exotic romantic honeymoon. Here it is possible to relax on a beach, explore the desert, visit sand dunes and even enjoy theme parks. It even has plenty of historical and cultural landmarks that make for great holiday photographs.


The most modern emirate in the UAE, Dubai is famous for its luxury hotels, fabulous shopping and fine dining, and is fast becoming a popular holiday destination. Honeymooners can relax along its beaches or go on a desert safari. There is even a great amount of architecture to be discovered including the famous seven-star Burj


Boasting sand dunes, forts, mountains and beaches, Oman is a popular holiday destination and is a great place for a unique honeymoon. Those that wish to relax on a stunning beach can do so, but Oman also has plenty to see that will result in long lasting memories and exceptional photographs. The historical capital city


Sand dunes, ancient ruins, shopping centres and museums all make Qatar a unique holiday destination for a honeymoon. Being almost completely surrounded by water means that the place has some great beaches to relax on and plenty of water sports, and it is possible to purchase nearly anything in its numerous shopping facilities. Doha, the


The small island nation of Bahrain is known for its modernism, Western attitude and long history, and is becoming an extremely popular holiday spot. It receives over two million visitors a year, many of whom are honeymooners looking to do something different. There is much to see and do here, keeping any newlyweds busy for