Oman Honeymoon Destinations Guide And Activities

Muttrah Harbor in Oman

Boasting sand dunes, forts, mountains and beaches, Oman is a popular holiday destination and is a great place for a unique honeymoon. Those that wish to relax on a stunning beach can do so, but Oman also has plenty to see that will result in long lasting memories and exceptional photographs.
The historical capital city of Muscat is where the air hub is located as well as the most luxury hotels, and just to the south is Ibra, the gateway to the Wahiba Sands. The town of Bahla is home to the magnificent Bahla Fort and tours of this fort and those in nearby Nizwa are available in packages.

Adventures Activities To Do In Oman

Horseback riding, trekking and rock climbing are very popular in Oman, and shoppers can spend days in the souqs and shopping centres. Sea lovers can spot turtles and swim with dolphins, while historians can explore the numerous forts throughout the country. A trip to the Wahib Sands should not be passed up, nor should a visit to the Hawiyat Najm Park.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Maqbous is a common dish and no honeymooner should go without tasting a plate, which should be finished off with halwa, a tasty sweet. Alcohol is limited to select restaurants, although all luxury hotels will offer it. Omanis are very friendly and helpful, with service being best in the high-end hotels. Those travelling on all budgets can find accommodation here; options range from rustic huts to high-end beachfront resorts that offer all-inclusive packages.

Best time(s) to visit Oman

Oman is always hot and experiences little rain, having an average yearly temperature of around 28°C. The summer months of May, June and July can get scorching hot, while December and January are the coolest months. The best time to holiday here is during March, April and November.

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