Top Honeymoon Destinations In North America

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The massive landmass of North America comprises Canada, the USA and Mexico, with the Caribbean tropical archipelago technically part of the whole. Here, picture-perfect luxury honeymoon packages are found in coastal resorts, national parks, famous alpha world cities and tiny, remote villages surrounded by pristine ecologies. The choice is yours, and the best holiday you’ll ever experience is waiting.

Travel by air anywhere in North America is easy to arrange through a plethora of carriers offing flights to thousands of destinations. New York is a favourite, along with Miami and Los Angeles, and couples can combine their wedding and honeymoon in one crazy stay at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. More remote locations, such as Yellowstone Park, beckon, and romance is at its height at Niagara Falls.

Romantic Activities and Destinations Guide

The stunning scenery of Alaska makes it a perfect place for a winter honeymoon complete with thrilling dog-sled rides and a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Miami’s famous beaches, nightlife and the unique Florida Keys mangrove swamps offer more than just sun, sea and sand luxury holidays, and touring Mexico opens up ancient civilisations and North American history.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

Accommodation in North America ranges from the best in upscale resort hotels through beachside holiday homes to comfortable motels and even honeymoon suites in historic buildings. Packages including spa, outdoor activity and sporting options, and coastal resorts usually offer a variety of water sports as well as private beaches.

Best time(s) to visit North America Accommodations

Spread over such a vast region, North America has variable weather patterns according to latitude, longitude and topography, with summer highs ranging from around 35°C and more in the south to warm and pleasant in the northern climes. For a combined relaxation and activity holiday with a degree of privacy, June and September are good times.


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Los Angeles

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