Top Honeymoon Attractions Of Costa Rica

Vulkan Arenal

Costa Rica provides the perfect setting for a luxury honeymoon holiday and has plenty to offer its visitors. On this unique Caribbean island, diverse landscapes ranging from high mountains to marshy lowlands, glistening beaches, tropical rainforests and volcanoes are all common features.

San Jose is the country’s main entry point, although many visitors head off to Dominical – the largest city on the South Pacific coast, which is known for its natural beauty, or Liberia for the beaches at Guanacaste. Also popular is Quesada, the largest city in northern Costa Rica, which is surrounded by hot springs.

Things to Do In Costa Rica Honeymoons

Venturing a little off the beaten path in Costa Rica will lead to the discovery of secluded Pacific Ocean and Caribbean beaches in destinations such as Punta Uva, Nosara and Playa Conchal. Also popular are romantic sunset cruises along the Pacific Coast that provide the chance to take a dip in the ocean and then relax with cocktails and fine cuisine. Those with a love of the outdoors and the best breathtaking views of Caribbean islands often venture to one or more of Costa Rica’s various national parks during their holiday.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

The service in Costa Rica’s upscale hotels and luxury resorts is first class and guarantees a comfortable stay. Indigenous calypso music is usually performed by bands on site and those on all-inclusive holiday packages will be able to sample complimentary cocktails and local cuisine. The majority of resorts in the country offer beachfront accommodation and may even have large areas of white sand and sea available for the exclusive use of their guests.

Best time(s) to visit Costa Rica

Due to Costa Rica’s near-Equator location, the country enjoys a tropical climate all year round. Summer runs from December to April and is generally considered the best time to visit, with temperatures hitting the 28°C mark. Those planning a honeymoon holiday in Costa Rica will probably want to avoid booking between May and November, when the hurricane season is in full swing.

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