Venezuela Honeymoon Destinations Ideas

Avenida Bolivar de Caracas

Boasting a coastline that borders the Caribbean Sea and has numerous beaches, in addition to playing host to the world’s highest waterfall, Venezuela is a luxury destination for a honeymoon holiday. While relaxing on white sand beaches and outdoor activities can be enjoyed in paradise-like settings, some of the best and liveliest South American cities are also on offer.

Caracas is the country’s main entry point but just as popular is Coro for its unique natural scenery and rich colonial architecture. Ciudad Bolivar provides a popular stop-off point for visitors to Angel Falls and anyone that has luxury accommodation arranged will most probably be spending their time in well-loved tourist haunts such as Puerto La Cruz.

Find Romantic Activities In Venezuela

There are few activities in Venezuela that are more romantic than finding a secluded Caribbean or Atlantic beach, particularly in the east of the country, to relax on. Likewise, many of the Caribbean islands that belong to Venezuela provide the perfect chance to escape the crowds. Trips to the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, are incredibly popular and various packages are offered by tour operators.

Hospitality – Accommodation, Food, Entertainment

The service experienced by guests of luxury resorts and high-end hotels in Venezuela will be top-of-the range with on-site entertainment usually consisting of bands playing the local and favoured joropo llanero, or Caribbean music, styles. Visitors in Venezuela on all-inclusive packages should expect to be able to enjoy the performances with free drinks and meals. Many hotels on the coast, especially in the east of the country and in the Los Roques archipelago, are beachfront properties.

Best time(s) to visit Venezuela

In some parts of the country, such as the north, temperatures can exceed the 35°C mark. While Venezuela’s tropical climate means that rain is common most of the year round, the best time to head here on a honeymoon holiday is between November and April or August and October.

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